SINE: a third ranking general in the court of eastern Cydia, a girl but brought up as a boy. heir to household (noone else knows except his family)

LYE: The current king's 'whore' in eastern Cydia. brought up by the prostitutes as a girl.

CYDE: first ranking general of eastern Cydia, Sado's older half-brother, heir to household (close to Sine, Rin, Elo and Rudi)

RIN: first ranking estine sentry in eastern Cydia, under general Cyde's orders (close to Sine, Cyde, Elo, Rudi)

ELO: third ranking estine sentry in eastern Cydia, under general Sine's orders (close to Sine, Cyde, Rin, Rudi)

THE KING(MIR OREUM): current king of Cydia, lives in eastern Cydia in palace courts.

MIKA: second ranking estine sentry in eatern Cydia, best archer in the country, under general Des's orders

RUDI: courst physician in eastern Cydia, treats all the generals and estine sentries(close to Sine, Cyde, Elo, Rin)

SHADIA: Rudi's apprentice Rin's little sister.

SADO: Cyde's half brother

DP fiction+ extra crap division


SADO (cyde's younger days) (oekaki)

SINE (younger days) (pic)



There's a few written works I have on DeathPlay, and I guess this is the easiest place to share it.

DeathPlay: a different eye (Rudi)

DeathPlay: a different eye 2(Rudi)

(DeathPlay: a different eye is a fiction that is narrated by Rudi, the court physician who will be out in chapter two. He's on good terms with everyone at court and he's friends with the generals and estine sentries. Basically, this is him narrating the events of the court through his eyes. This one focuses more on Cyde and his past. Just a side story. )

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